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Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Beloved Enos
Denver C. Snuffer Jr.
The Allegory of the Olive Tree: The Olive, the Bible, and Jacob 5
John W. Welch, Stephen D. Ricks
When Organizing Isn't Enough: SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life
Julie Morgenstern
The Second Comforter:: Conversing with the Lord Through the Veil
Denver C. Snuffer Jr.

Eliza, The Life and Faith of Eliza R. Snow

Eliza, The Life and Faith of Eliza R. Snow - Karen Lynn Davidson, Jill Mulvay Derr A lovely read. I looked over other reviews and I wanted to know more as well. Delve more deeply into who Eliza Snow really was. I think the problem is that Eliza didn't give us much to go on. She only kept a diary for a few short years following her sealing to Joseph Smith. How I wish there was so much more!

I enjoyed the book, not only from the way it was written and included some of her poetry, but photos of her possessions were an added bonus. What I didn't like was the lace print on every single page - it made the book feel less like a piece of literature and more like a doily visual aid in a Relief Society lesson.

I've been on an LDS history kick lately, and this has been my favorite so far. I didn't expect to like it much, and I did. There was an attempt to discover who Eliza really was from the clues she left behind.