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Beloved Emma - The Illustrated Life Story of Emma Smith

Beloved Emma - The Illustrated Life Story of Emma Smith - Lori E. Woodland The art in the book grabbed my attention at the library. You can take bigger chances on library books, and our local library is so small that there is very little selection at all. Being a lover of history, I allowed the art to persuade me.

I read the book in one sitting, and with some skimming, mostly because it's more a Joseph Smith history from Emma's point of view. I don't wish to be too critical because I know there isn't a lot of information out there, and what remains is contradictory or cannot be verified, or historically unreliable. Still, I hoped the book would focus on what details of Emma's life are available and allow her to be seen, rather than eclipsed by her husband's experiences.

Very little attention is given to the subject of polygamy. Chapter 25 is only three pages long and gives very little information. The author chose carefully the quotes and information to include, and remains quite neutral.

The more interesting portion of the book to me were the chapters describing Emma's life after the death of Joseph. I wished for more information; it seems the author is again attempting to remain gently neutral rather than discuss any of the controversial aspects of Emma's involvement with Church leaders in the chaotic years following the assassination.

Pleasantly and kindly written, Emma is presented as a generous and humble woman, courageous and patient. Worth reading.