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The Second Comforter:: Conversing with the Lord Through the Veil
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Patriarchy in Love

Patriarchy in Love - Rose Carrington This book is about male dominant/woman completely submissive. Punishment to be given by the man is outlined in detail. The woman is treated as a slave. Some wives like this type of relationship or want to be passive, or told exactly what to do. Some men want to be completely in charge of their partners. The book goes in depth into the sexually dominant/submissive roles. The list of expectations for the man versus the woman is disparate. Much more is expected of the woman in a patriarchal relationship, although the man is expected to provide and care for her. The role of the man could very easily be physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive even to a willing female partner.

The author goes over points of consent prior to entering such a relationship.

I originally gave this book 2 stars because the subject is fairly thoroughly covered and the need for consent and safe words is explained. However, since I do not agree that this type of relationship is healthy even if there is consent on both sides, I have since changed my rating to 1 star.